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The Kinglet Bird

Photo by Jacob McGinnis


I'm called a Kinglet.
Have you ever seen me?
I make funny sounds,
Tse, tse, tse, tse.

I'm the tiniest bird
that perches in trees.
When winters are frigid,
I try not to freeze.

My gold crest looks flashy
and feels quite regal,
although I'm not famous
like the bald eagle.

I love tasty insects
and forage non-stop.
Wait! A caterpillar!
Yum, yum, hop hop.

At night I tuck my head
in feathers so deep
and huddle with my friends
so I can find sleep.

Sometimes a squirrel
leaves his nest in a tree.
It's empty.  I'm so cold.
Please don't tell on me.

Although I'm tiny,
I feel like a star.
Just follow your dreams
and you'll go far.

When God picked up his pallet.
He knew just what to do.
He chose the brightest colors
To make a bird like you.

The blue is so majestic,
A redbreast to amaze,
Your wings chartreuse and purple
Deserve the highest praise.

Kaleidoscope of brilliance,
A wonder to behold,
Wrapped up in one small bunting
Creating joy untold.

O herald of such music,
You trill your song so sweet
You grace earth with your presence
I pray that soon we'll meet.

And if my prayer is granted,
I'm sure that I will say
I saw a bit of heaven
On loan from God this day.
A Painted Bunting
My Painted Bunting


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