About Me

So I guess it’s true that I was a bookworm, even at the age of 3.

Welcome to my author’s website! I’m thrilled that you have taken the time to look at my offerings. I have been on the writing journey for close to 11 years now. One day in 2010 I was invited by my friend JoAnn Fannon to attend a talk by Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way, a must-read for anyone on the artistic path. Some of my poems and articles were published on KIT, Kids Imagination Train, begun by Randi Mrvos, my mentor and friend for close to 8 years now. She has been a tremendous support to me as I write and submit my work. We also co-authored an article for Children’s Book Insider, an online website for adult writers of children’s literature. I wrote a separate article on the power of dreams and the imagination. I include some of my poems and articles published by KIT under my heading Poems and Articles in my main menu. Along with my writing I will be including some pictures and sketches of some artwork which I hope will aid my writing ability. Leonard Bernstein said, “The best way to ‘know’ a thing is in the context of another discipline.”

A few months ago I started to draw. I began with Danny Gregory‘s wonderful book for beginners called How to Draw without Talent. I bought some watercolors and acrylics and my artistic journey began. I’m grateful to my friend Sara Golfinopoulos who inspired me to begin my late foray into drawing.

Thank you again and please feel free to comment below. Best Wishes for the New Year 2021 and may we all remain healthy and be able to return to life soon as we once knew it.