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  Techno Critters appeared in Kids Imagination Train, an online magazine published by Randi Mrvos.

Techno Critters

If a Frog wants to blog,
he can sit on a log
and spend the whole day,
blah-blah- ging away

If a T-Rex sends a text,
who knows what's next.
But if a selfie comes through,
you'd better skiddoo!

If a Spider is bright
and has a website,
he can sell his prey
and have a fine day.

If a Robin tweets,
"Bird sitters, let's meet!"
she can leave her brood
and look for some food.

If a Zebra skypes,
and shows off her stripes,
she'll look quite cute
in her black and white suit.

If Critters are cool
and stay in school,
they'll pass their quizzes
and be techno-whizzes!

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A Squirrel’s Lucky Day

Hurrah!  Finally dear readers, a poem I wrote entitled “A Squirrel’s Lucky Day” was submitted to Kids Imagination Train and accepted for publication in their online     children’s magazine.  I am most grateful to Randi Mrvos, Editor of Kids  Imagination Train who worked with me and never gave up hope that this poem would meet the requirements of their excellent children’s magazine. 

           A Squirrel’s Lucky Day

I live in trees
and on the ground.
I hunt for food 
and race around.

We squirrels
enjoy the great outdoors.
We have big nests
and nutty chores.

The park is full
this time of year,
with lots of picnics,
spring is here.

I hope to find
some tasty scraps
like cheesy chicken
sandwich wraps.

A baseball game
has just begun
The kids rush off
to join the fun.

But wait, what's that
beside the tree-
an ice cream cone
left just for me?

Hurry, scurry
down the branches.
Creatures don't get
too many chances.

Grab it, take it
up the tree
Hooray, I made it
Yay, yippee!

This treat is heaven
so cold and sweet,
Even acorns 
cannot compete.

Why  do people stare at me?
stare at me?
Can't a squirrel
have privacy?

So Mother Nature,
won't you please
make ice cream cones
that grow on trees?

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Island Child – L B I – Life Lessons from the Shore

sea bowl

In 2012 author Corinne Ruff and Illustrator Lisa Benjamin put together a collection of contributions from those who have loved and lived on Long Beach Island, New Jersey.  In “Life Lessons” some lucky entries from “island children” of all ages were chosen and showcased for the book.  My paragraph was chosen in the chapter subtitled “Starfish.”  I am most grateful to my friends JoAnn and Don Fannon who have shared their beach house in Ship Bottom on LBI with me.   It continues to feed my soul every time I am there.

     When I walk along the shore of the Island, I never tire of seeing myriad numbers of sea creatures – from the channeled whelk to the sand dollar to the thousands of colored shells deposited on the shoreline.  I stop and look in awe and think of the long journey they took before these sea creatures arrived at the water’s edge.  The lesson I learn is to admire the beauty, the symmetry and the utter uniqueness of each of these small miracles of nature.  On my walk I hope to be inspired to go deep within myself to create something of beauty so that I, too, may leave something behind  in my creative journey – just like the ocean does every minute of every day, 365 days a year.  And I hope my art will inspire others just as the Island continues to inspire me and attract people of all ages to come, look, listen and take in every aspect of its beauty.

Sunset on Long Beach Island
Sunset on Long Beach Island